At the end of 2005 I quit an extremely high-paying corporate job. I'd had enough. For more on that you can see my story on the Two Hills website on quitting: ttjasi.

I founded Two Hills as a vehicle for entrepreneural activity, with a focus on workig n form home and decoupling from my time as a resource.

I built my own technology stack on LAMP+Drupal. I built an experimental site, the IT Skeptic, to practice my techniques. After 12 months that site now has a page-rank of 5, is considered the leading site in the very narrow field of skeptically analysing ITIL, and makes a trickle of money. Not bad for a first attempt in a VERY narrow niche.

After a couple of aborted attempts, I have now started the "second wave": a group of sites more seriously targeted at audience and revenue. They are all in the first stage of establishing content, about to go into a promotional stage of SEO and viral marketing.

I'm eighteen months into a five year target ("plan" would be an exaggeration) of becoming a self-supporting web entrepreneur.

There are endless learning "humps" to be got over on the road to web entrepreneurship. Read here what I learn and how I do it as I overcome these Web Hills. You'll also find notes on the view from the top of a Hill: what lies ahead, what the big picture is, visions.