Don't quit the day job

Nobody does a MySpace overnight. I should probably have stayed at work for at least another year. If I hadn't been sick to death of the job, and of work in general, I might have. There is so much to learn, and learning takes time.

Just because you read it doesn't mean you know it. You have to grok what you are doing. Allow a year to study and experiment. I built my own technology stack on LAMP+Drupal. I built an experimental site, the IT Skeptic, to practice my techniques. After 12 months that site now has a page-rank of 5, and is considered the leading site in the very narrow field of skeptically analysing ITIL, and makes a trickle of money. Not bad for a first attempt in a VERY narrow niche.

I learnt an awful lot from that, which I hope to pass on here. But me telling you is not you learning - there is no better teacher than experience.

Besides, you might suck. So many activities these days "award a gold medal for just jumping in the pool". Capitalism doesn't work like that. You have to be good at it to win. You might not be.

So find out before you tell your boss to ttjasi.