Be a grocer not a prospector

The internet is the new Wild West. There are fortunes to be made, but there are many more hopeful fortune-hunters than there are fortunes. The people who made money in a goldrush were not the miners. They were the merchants who sold shovels and jeans.

For every prospector who hit paydirt and retires rich, there were a thousand who find just enough to keep hope and body alive for another year, and another thousand who gave up or died.

Another analogy is rock-stars. For every Jimmy Hendrix there are a million wannabe-guitarists hacking away getting nowhere.

if you want to be a hobby "prospector" on the web, picking up a dot of gold here and there, good on you. If you want to achieve finacial independence, you either need to back yourself that you can pull offf the big one, or you need to find a better way.

Me I'm doing both (it's called portfolio). I have a family of sites that I hope may include a hit amongst them. But even a hot site is not going to make me rich. So I also work on technology that I hope will get adopted by multiple sites, products to extend the web (books), and a perpetual search for the "great idea".