Look after the pennies... then look after the pounds

I aim to have a million bucks in the bank in three more years. To do that I need a big business success. But in the meantime I have a family to feed. And ...gasp... I just might not make that million. So don't bet it all on one number.

Brad Isaac blogging on ProBlogger said "even if you are earning a hefty income from one income stream, there’s no guarantee it will be there forever. Protecting yourself with multiple streams is just smart business. You’ll make more money and avoid business breaking accidents."

he was referring to multiple sources of income on the one blog, and not neglecting the piddly little Adsense trickle, but the same argument applies to portfolio entrepreneurs with multiple mprojects. Just because a blog returns a couple of hundred bucks a month is no reason to close it. Keep the money coming, find a few hours every month to promote the site. They all add up.

And once you have a steady flow of money, the pressure is off and you can go chase that big one for a while.