Opinion websites: blog or forum? Five reasons why my blog is staying as a blog

One of my blogs, The IT Skeptic is often more of a forum, with much to-and-fro banter on the comments. A colleague asked why I didn't turn it into a forum since it was already starting to look a bit like one.

I do walk a fine line between a blog and a forum. Factors that move that line are:
1) My users want a forum but I don't. My reason is simple: a blog is still a single thread: it can look alive and active with surprisingly little traffic. It is like a stream constrained in a narrow valley: not much water makes a lot of noise. A forum on the other hand is many branching threads like a river fanning out onto a shingle plain. Even a substantial volume soon disappears. It is easy for a forum to look moribund and lifeless.
2) I am flat out working a 60-hr-a-week job for the next three months. Contributions from others are welcomed right now
3) I'd like to pump that page rank to a 6. Celebrity guest bloggers will help.
4) A blog gets boring if it is only one voice. And the voice gets bored.
5) Guest blogging is very "in": see www.problogger.net

I hear what my friend is saying. It is time to swing the pendulum back a bit. But not yet. Right now I'm letting current hot topics provide the momentum - generating lots of comments - but once those topics die down I'll be looking to fresh topics to blog about. When I come up for air in November, I'll refocus on this blog and the related book which is in preparation. Until then, let the commons speak!