My business VMOSA

The same colleague I mentioned previously asked me about my VMOSA: vision -> mission -> objectives -> strategies -> action plans. Here's mine:

Vision: to spend all my time with family and trains

Mission: to be financially independent without compromising ethics

Objectives: to create revenue streams that are not linked to personal hours and that can be generated by working from home

Strategies: to generate income from any product that is infinitely scalable (this means content, IP, digital products, brands, ideas... Also books are effectively infinite). This almost always involves the internet.

Action plans:

  1. learn how the Web works (because almost no tested models exist yet: this is a frontier)
  2. create and test models
  3. drive the best models for five to ten years
  4. bank the money

The IT Skeptic is a pilot site for actions 1 and 2
Ops4less, ttjasi, and Advice for My Son are item 2 test models.