How not to counter comment-spammers

Well, here's a little lesson. I got annoyed at a comment spammer and so I bit back. I got two negative feedbacks from readers.

I don't get much negative response from readers, they generally side with me. But not on this issue. Most interesting. What was it that set them off?

Did I come across as sanctimonious? I'll admit I like to write a little bombast into the blog now and then just to spice it up. At the end of the day this is journalism.. of a sort.

Is it as the Dalai Llama says (I've been privileged to hear him speak twice), that a violent response always begets more violence, no matter how good the cause? Did my aggression give susceptible readers permission to release their own?

A bit of both, I suspect. My take-aways from this:

  • keep it nice, no matter the provocation
  • let every post "settle" overnight before publishing it
  • watch your own behaviour elsewhere
  • next time send a warning email or just delete the bugger