A website is never finished, which suits me

A website is a creative process, but it is not a work of art. You don't hang it on the web for people to look at. It is an ongoing story, an organic process, not an object. Better still people expect it that way. It can be unfinished and readers will be happy with that. They look forward to the next step in the journey, the next stage of growth.

This suits me fine. I have a short attention span, a creative urge, and a track record of not finishing things. My book has taken a year and still not seen the light of day. The renovations await final detail painting after three years. My model railways (two) are always a work in progress.

Fro someone like me, a stable of websites is a great occupation (if only I can get them to make some money, but that's another discussion...).

If you are a details person, who likes to see a polished completed product, and focuses on one thing until you can sign it off as done, then web content may not be for you.

Better to be someone like me who produces soemthing in intense creative bursts, then leaves it to mature for a bit before coming back to take it another stage. Some websites such as blogs need daily attention, but this can still be approached as a short daily burst wheh the mood takes you (or some days: when you can eventually squeeeze the mood out).

And if you get the big rollocking site that needs daily boring administrative attention? Outsource the problem like Tim Ferriss did.