Just throw them at the wall

Websites are like pop songs: publish and see. Or as the old saying goes: throw them at the wall and see what sticks. I think I have been finessing my ideas too much. Now I'm just chucking.

What I mean by this is I spent too much time on some of my early ideas while other ideas sat on the queue. I fizz with ideas but I can't get to them fast enough or realise them quickly enough.

The amount of time for each project is coming down exponentially.
CoPR: 12 months solid
The IT Skeptic: several months solid and an ongoing hour a day
ttjasi and ops4less: several weeks
South Pacific Lines: Several days
TOOLaphilia, The Digital Family Trunk , Chocolate In The Morning: Several hours

OK that last few is an exaggeration: they are very raw and will require ongoing work for months, but the key is to get somethign live and then work on the ones that reward being worked on. People don't mind.

There are several reasons for the reduced time to market:

  • I'm learning to build them quicker
  • I have the skills and technology stack to crank one out in half an hour now
  • I've realised that fancy design is wasted until you know the site is going somewhere
  • The sooner you get it live the longer the history it has with Google. This matters big time for rankings