Who is scamming AdWords?

I've grown uncomfortable with Adwords of late. i don't know if somebody is scamming the system but I wonder. i advertised my Real ITSM site on AdWords, and I got quite low traffic, 20 or 30 clicks a day, but nearly all of it came from sites such as these, which are meaningless made-for-adsense crap. Check them out
www-dot-elnegocioredondo-dot-com, www-dot-itils-dot-info, www-dot-itilku-dot-com www-dot-daunmuda-dot-cn

Now i find it hard to believe that somebody gets lured onto these bullshit sites by their SEO and goes "oh darn. oh well while I'm here guess i better read the ads". No, like me they spit in disgust and click away. So how come I get (and pay for) the bulk of my clicks from them? Not one of whom actually buys my book by the way.

It would also explain why so much of my traffic was coming from Indonesia.

Google support insists that quality traffic comes from parked domains and mashups. really? People with time to read ads on dead sites are quality buyers? Maybe if you are selling fluffy slippers or drugs or chocolate, but not if your product is a corporate IT book.